Friday, July 18, 2008

Doodle Week - Evil

Marley.... BAD DOG!!


goldenshade said...

Just like that book. "Bad Dog, Marley!"

The wee ones have been reading that one over and over!!!

Marley is also the wee lad's name.

Great doodles! We are not so talented.

purrs Shade and Goldie

TT said...

Oh woofie are so evil! Baby woofie Jake eats Shadow and Mollys stinky goodness and THEN he wants our catnip too!

Brownie said...

Aww poor're not evil ;)

Daisy said...

Uh oh! And you left some footprints behind as evidence, too.

Sweet Praline said...

I don't know about this . . . the pawprints look awfully small to me. About the size of a kitty . . . Hmmm. However, whenever possible, blame it on the woofie I always say.

Anonymous said...

*giggle*! What a wonderful doodle!

I wish we had a woofie here. Then when something *ahem* happened, we could blame him/her! *GRIN*

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Paula said...

Oh Poor Marley!
Elise understands that woofies like the kitty stinky treats too!