Sunday, August 17, 2008

We're Leaving But Not Saying Goodbye!

Marley: Something looks suspicioulsy empty. Could it be? Are we gong on another road trip?
But why are the walls so bare, where are all your pretty plants, Mommy? Maybe I'll stay over here with Auntie-Momma-san. At least she has funiture to lay on.

Miss Henry: Marley is a good soul, for a dog, but she hasn't got a clue why the walls are bare and the plants are gone. We're going on a road trip, but this time to a bigger house with more furniture and rooms to play in and a big backyard. Marley? Wake and smell the dog treats!
As you can see, I'm very busy snoopervising. Everything must have a place. It's a going to be a tight squeeze in the yellow squashy-bug car of Mommy's.

We havent been able to blog lately because our mommy bean has been working her toushy off packing and cleaning for weeks. The day has arrived and now we are all packed up in Mommy's little yellow squashy-bug and ready to move back to Utah. Marely will be thrilled to get her big house, her bean brother, her papa bean, and her big backyard, back. I'm excited because I will have a lot of different rooms to explore and maybe I'll be able to get a harness and go for walks with my bean brother and Marley.

I can't wait to get there. It's suppose to take about nine or ten hours and the land we're going through is going to be really hot. But, no fear, Mommy's squash-bug's cold box works really well. We'll be just fine.

We will miss our good friends and neighbors, especially Gretchen and Mike, and Auntie-Momma-san and Uncle-Papa-san, but since we have the blogosphere we're not really leaving them, or anyone.

We should be back up on the blogosphere in about a week or my beans time to unload and settle give keep an eye open for us....weeeee'll beeeee baaaaack! On the blogosphere, that is.

Yippee! Another Road Trip! Marley and I love to travel. So, come on Mama, it's time to put the pedal to the metal, and rock 'n' roll this baby back home!

By the way our mommy bean will call Gretchen's mommy bean and yet her know that we made it safe and sound. I have no fear. We will be fine. See ya soon!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Unspectacular Quirk's

1. I eat my Temptations without chewing, they go straight down

2.I drink out of the Woffies water bowl and the human litter box

3 I lay on my mom bean's tummy to sleep every night (flat out)

4. I like to chase things that are not there in the night time.

5.I like to stand straight up like a meerkat

6. I have hair that comes out my toes-es that is really long.

7. Here is one extra for the woofie, she has one blue eye and one brown.